Taken from the studio, 2019


Randall Day makes complicated work about simple ideas. Contrast, repetition, and gradation are the overarching themes his work conveys. The substrate to most Randall’s work is geometric abstract expressionism. His oil paintings are large, visceral, and layered compositions of color and depth. Randall’s colored pencil drawings and collages are more meticulous and controlled in their chaos. Currently, he has incorporated textured security envelopes into his practice. Fascinated at their function, to conceal and inevitably be compromised, he experiments how their manic, yet organized aesthetic meshes with his abstract mark making.


Randall Day is a 2D abstract artist native to North Texas. His works are made with paint, colored pencil, collage, or a blend of the three. Randall mainly exhibits his work in the Denton community. He earned his BFA in drawing and painting from the University of North Texas in 2012. Currently, he is pursuing his MFA at Texas Women’s University in painting. Much of his practice is freelance work and commissions.